Seamus Heaney read a poem about his dog at a reading in Walla Walla I went to a few years ago. I wish I had it at hand. All I have is the word onding.

And for the record, dogs don’t always die with their eyes closed. I need that Seamus Heaney poem.

Golden Hunter Sands

August 29, 1999-July 21, 2012

How strange. I just remembered that the word for dog in Indonesian is anjing.

onding, v.

Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈɒndɪŋ/,  U.S. /ˈɑnˌdɪŋ/

Etymology: <  on- prefix + ding v.1 Compare to ding on at ding v.1 5b, and earlier ondinging n., on-ding n.

 Sc. (north-east.). rare.

  intr. To rain or snow heavily.

1866  W. Gregor Dial. Banffshire 228 ‘Is’t ondingin’.’ ‘Oo i, it’s jist poorin’.’

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2 Responses to onding

  1. Shannon Hopkins says:

    People don’t always die with their eyes closed either, and you can’t just close them and hope they’ll stay closed like the movies portray.

    Still looking for the poem. It’s not in any of my books.

  2. Jill Widner says:

    We have a very nice library up the hill and in the next pasture over, 7 horses. I looked for the Heaney poem and couldn’t find it either, but found a list of his pubs and think it may be in what was then a new collection of selected poems called Open Ground. But it isn’t here.

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