The sky looks imbriferous, cloudy-grey, not wet, dark, still early, a cloudburst would break much tension in these last few days.

Currently, 7:45 P.M. Sunday night, 101 degrees F; 38 C

Forecast for 1 A.M.: 77F, 25C, scattered thunderstorms, 50%. I’d like that very much. Rain.

9:27 P.M. Thunder and lightning. Extreme. Love it.

imbriferous = rain bringing, showery.

from the OED:

imˈbriferous, adj.

Etymology: <  Latin imbrifer ( <  imber a shower): see -ferous comb. form.


Rain-bringing, showery.

1815  T. I. M. Forster Res. Atmosph. Phænom. (ed. 2) ii. 80 The imbriferous quality of the atmosphere.

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2 Responses to imbrifrerous

  1. Lane says:

    here also (with the imbr. stuff) but not that hot, thankfully

  2. Jill Widner says:

    It was so extreme i had to unplug my computer. I love thunderstorms

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