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I’m pretty excited about this. “The Underwater Room,” an excerpt from my novel in progress, was first published in Short Fiction 4 (University of Plymouth Press, UK) in November 2010. I was very pleased to learn that Matt Salesses, fiction editor of The Good Men Project, liked it well enough to republish it in the US.

Live today.  The Good Men Project

“There is something happening far beneath the surface of this story, something that drags me under and disorients me until I am in Indonesia, until I am someone else. It is something dangerous, as dangerous as childhood. In “The Underwater Room,” Jill Widner shows us a glimpse into the wilds of childhood, boyhood and girlhood, unparented, in a foreign country. The mood she sets is sure to make you feel, even if you can’t put your finger on what exactly you are feeling.” —Matt Salesses, Good Men Project Fiction Editor

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  1. Lane says:

    Lovely piece, thanks for the link

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