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the banff centre in august

What I like so far: The view from my chair of the gondola line. Little knots of metal on a fishing line making their way up and down Sulphur Mountain. The flat faced cliffs of Mount Rundell from my triple-wide … Continue reading

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aestivation I estivation

from the OED online word of the day, 21 August 2011 aestivation | estivation, n. Pronunciation:/ɛstɪˈveɪʃən//iːstɪˈveɪʃən/ Etymology:modern <  Latin æstīvāt- participial stem of æstīvā-re (see aestivate v.), after nouns of action in -tion suffix, as if <  Latin *æstīvātiōn-em. In the Bot. sense it … Continue reading

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